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Night Running Lamp Battery Or USB Type Night Safety Warning Light LED Chest Lamp Outdoor Sport Jogging Cycling Bike Flashlight

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    1. This product is avant-garde and fashionable, easy to wear, with white light in front and red light warning in the back;

    2. Adopt a 3W high-power imported XPG lamp, coupled with a crystal-grade acrylic spotlight cover, with a long light irradiation distance of 30-50 meters at night, so as to see the road ahead clearly and improve safety;

    3.USB charging, which can be fully charged in 5 hours, and the interface is sealed with silica gel dust cover after 5 hours of lighting;

    4. Equipped with elastic elastic band, the length is adjustable and suitable for wearing;

    5. Multi-purpose: suitable for running, walking, jogging, etc.

    6. Three flash modes: highlight, half-light, flashing, which can be determined by your own choice.

    7. Concentrated models and three-generation rotating models display power in 5 grids, which should be charged when only one grid is bright. Battery models show power in proportion to brightness.

    Now there are imitations on the market. They use low-capacity batteries and have no battery protection board and no heat dissipation aluminum substrate. The price is very cheap. Please keep your eyes open. We will also crack down on all the businesses that copy our patented products. Please don’t be lucky!


    Product Name: Night Ride Safety Warning Light Charging/Battery Running Light

    Product size:

    Headlights: 9*10*2.2cm

    Taillight: 7.1*1 1.7*1.7cm

    Color: black+red (as shown)

    Material: ABS+ elastic webbing

    Product weight: about 160g

    Voltage: 3.7—4.5V

    Battery: 18650 battery or dry battery (without, need to be purchased separately)

    Concentrated battery: 1800 mAh

    Three generations of rotating models: 2000 mAh

    Charging time: 3-6h

    Usage time: > 5H (depending on usage)

    Waterproof: IPX4 (everyday surface waterproof)


    1. charge the computer or mobile power USB interface, or use the household power 4.2V to charge, the maximum is not more than 4.5V, if it is impossible to cause irreparable damage.

    2. They are waterproof everyday. Do not use them in water or heavy rain.

    Package Included:

    Battery: 1* running lamp 1*USB cable 1* battery conversion bin 1* box

    USB spotlight: 1* running lamp 1*USB cable 1* box

    USB three-generation rotation: 1* running lamp 1*USB cable 1* box

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