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MTB Bicycle Fork Supension Air 26/27.5/ 29er Inch Mountain Bike Stroke100MM 32RL Magnesium Alloy Fork For A Bicycle Accessories

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    Dear buyer, I will be happy to serve you!
    We introduce you this style of fork is air fork, magnesium MTB pneumatic fork, weight: about 1892g,
     dear friends, now use a different fork, this part of the main component is the elastic medium.
    Ordinary spring, damping rubber and compressed air. These three media. 
     Low-profile front forks with springs or damping rubber are commonly referred to as spring forks.
    High-side forks and air as a flexible medium are commonly referred to as air forks.
    High-end forks provide high-speed compression damping, low-speed compression damping, and rebound damping. Damping adjustment. 
     Whether it is compression damping or rebound damping, the principle is to limit the size of the  damping by limiting 
    the speed of the fluid through the piston, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the speed or rebound speed of the forklift.
    By the way, the locking mechanism is actually part of the damping mechanism and is combined with a compression damping system in many forks. 
     When the compression damping is large enough, the fork lock is locked (closing the compression damping pistona).
    We CyclemZansi Standard Shipping and CyclemZansi Premium Shipping transport, 
    quickly reach your country, product tariffs will soon reach your address.
    We use fast shipping and tracking information. Fast delivery to your address, please rest assured to buy. 
    Please reconfirm that your address and phone number are correct for the zip code.
    This is very important. We do not accept address errors, disputes about delivery failures, thanks, sincere greetings!
    We are not accept bad feedback !!contact us if you think your item has any problem ,
    all  product has1 years warranty!
    I will not warranty for all bad feedback without communicate!
    Size:26 inch、27.5 inch (650B)、29 inch
    Look out:Lookout (LO) / Remote Lockout(RL)
    Crown:Forged Alloy
    Brake: Disc brake
    Warranty:1 years
    Steerer:Alloy Straight tube:28.6*30*221mm;Tapered tube:28.6*39.8*258mm
    Lower Leg:One-Piece Magnesium 38mm
    Stanchions:Aluminum 32mm
    26incn :1650g ~1700g +/-50g (for reference only)
    27.5inch: 1670g ~1790g +/-50g (for reference only)
    29inch: 1720g~1790 +/-50g (for reference only)
    Be applicable:MTB Road Bike
    Options: Straight Tube/ Tapered tube, Line control/Hand control    
    If you want more information about the fork size ,
    please see the picture below types
    HTB1uplSyhSYBuNjSsphq6zGvVXaEHTB1v1qOyeySBuNjy1zdq6xPxFXaFHTB1AG0epZuYBuNkSmRyq6AA3pXaGHTB1WtctDb1YBuNjSszhq6AUsFXat (2)HTB1fFpSyhSYBuNjSsphq6zGvVXakHTB1XQ8Lp_XYBeNkHFrdq6AiuVXaaHTB1Q3G4yb9YBuNjy0Fgq6AxcXXalHTB1aL5qyeOSBuNjy0Fdq6zDnVXah

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