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Full Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Light MTB Rims CrossCountry XC Beadless Tire Bead Quality Carbon Mountain Bicycle Hook Rims

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    Full Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Light MTB Rims CrossCountry XC Beadless Tire Bead Quality Carbon Mountain Bicycle Hook Rims


    The best rims deserve the most reliable warranty.
    At C-razycarbon, we engineer the top quality carbon fiber products around the world for an
    uncompromised ride experience, and We test every product we sell during research and development
    to ensure that our products are not only durable enough for racing and training but also provide the
    ultimate in performance. We take full responsibility for the defects of bike carbon rims/wheels in
    material or workmanship for 2 years.Which does not cover issues caused by negligence, accidents,
    abusage, incorrect installation, modifications, normal wear and tear, improper assembly, maintenance,
    or any other fractious reasons.
    The issues such as decals and painting are excluded from this warranty.The warranty does not apply to
    parts which are not manufactured by C-razycarbon (ex. hubs, spokes, nipples). For an issue related to
    these parts, the manufacturer of those parts must be consulted.

    Fractious Failure & Crash Replacement
    We expect our rims to be ridden hard during training and even harder during racing. If you push things
    a bit past the limit, crash and damage a rim, then we’re glad to give you (the original owner) a price break
    to help get you going without having to buy a new wheelset or rim at full cost. A replacement at 25%
    discount on the retail prices, Please note that sales tax, freight, VAT/Import duties, shipping, and labor
    are not covered by C-razycarbon.
    Crash replacement is only available for the original owner and is good for life!

    C-razycarbon FAQs
    Q: How do I submit a warranty claim to us?
    A: Contact us on CyclemZansi directly or send an email to us.
    Q: What documentation do I need for my claim?
    A: As a start, you will need to provide the part you want warrantied, along with the original proof of
    purchase, order number and serial number(located on the tire bed).
    Q: What is NOT covered by your warranty?
    A: Replacement of wear and tear parts, damage from a crash or other accidental damage, and damage
    from abuse or corrosion are all examples of what is not covered. See the complete warranty policy for a
    more detailed list.
    Q: What model for Shimano ultegra 10 speeds?
    Any models
    Q: The wheel’s material you see in the picture is shown as a UD carbon. Do you happen to have any 3k carbon material?
    A: Yes these are carbon wheel mat
    Q: is this pair or not? how to buy rear or front wheel?
    A: One pair
    Q: Tire size 23? 25?
    A: 23 n 25 is correct
    Q: You Have had problems with the custom houses??
    A: Special shipping no custom houses
    If you talk to the seller can use the special shipping by 70 € and not pay anything
    Q: Brake pads included?
    A: Yes. It is
    Q: hi, Can i buy front wheel of 50mm and back wheel of 80mm?
    A: Yes, contact the seller.
    Q: Are the wheels tubeless ready?
    A: Yes, just stated it when you place the order
    Q: Hi, would like to know what is the type of shipping to be selected for avoid trouble in Customs
    A: It is take Seller shipping method, It is the most fast and you get just as price that paying custom houses
    Q: what is the difference in hubs? which One is Best?
    A: dt swiss

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