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Bicycle Rear Dial-wheel 12t Positive And Negative Tooth Ceramic Dail-wheel Bike Accessories Outdoor Cycling Accessories IN STOCK

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  • Description

    Bicycle Rear Dial-wheel 12T Positive And Negative Tooth Ceramic Dail-wheel


    • Product Name: Ceramic Palin Bicycle Rear Dial Wheel
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Size: 12T diameter is about 45mm
    • Weight: 12g
    • Color: black / red / blue / gold
    • Specifications: 12T

    Selection principle:

    • Try to use the same size as the original guide wheel. There is no difference. You can choose to be smaller than the original guide wheel. You cannot use a large one.
    • The guide wheel and the tension wheel are not distinguished. Some rear-displaced original guide wheels are different in size from the tension wheel and can be replaced. It is necessary to re-adjust the chain length.


    • Aluminum alloy material, super wear-resistant and durable
    • Colors cool, showing personality
    • Ceramic self-lubricating system, silk-like lubrication

    Package Includes: 1 x Ceramic palin bicycle rear dial wheel

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