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XOSS G Plus Wireless Bicycle Speedometer GPS Bike Computer 1.8in Waterproof Cycling Stopwatch Bluetooth ANT+ with Cadence Sensor

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    XOSS G Plus Waterproof Bicycle Bike Computer 1.8in Cycling GPS Stopwatch Wireless Bluetooth ANT+ Speedometer with Cadence Sensor

    Why need GPS odometer + speed, cadence and heart rate monitor?

    The speed cadence sensor can provide mobile phone or GPS computer with cadence data that it cannot obtain, helping the driver to obtain a good energy output power ratio, and avoid energy loss caused by too fast or too slow cadence.

    Measuring heart rate allows you to exercise without having to guess mastering the right intensity to help you achieve your goals efficiently and avoiding excessive or insufficient exercise through heart rate detection,It is easy to check the progress and prove your efforts. 

    These three kinds of information are collected in GPS odometer, which can be easily counted and shared through APP such Strava.

    The make up for GPS odometer

    Because both mobile phones and GPS computer use GPS positioning to determine speed, their accuracy is interfered by sampling density and algorithms.  In the case of weak or no signal, the speed sensor will effectively compensate for the accuracy of the data, which is a good supplement to the GPS code table.

    Please Note for XOSS G Plus

    1. Long Press the right button to turn on.
    2. Press the left button to activate GPS
    3. Get GPS signal after start up takes a few minutes
    4. Long press left and right button at the same time until the icon is flashlight, which indicates the G+ is searching active sensor nearby. 
    5. If the pairing succeeds,  the incon will remain static, press the right button again, enter into setting interface, set the tire circumference and time.

    XOSS G + GPS computer with Bluetooth and ANT + support for adding speed / cadence sensor and heart rate monitor, support upload to mobile APP;

    Record 15 types of data

    Current/AVG/MAX SPEED
    Current/AVG/MAX Heart rate
    Elapsed Time/ Altitude/ CLOCK
    Track Distance/SLOPE/Total Distance

    If you are a cycling enthusiast or planning to join the sport, then you must know the importance of tracking your workouts to keep yourself motivated. This is where XOSS G+ comes in.

    XOSS G+ upgrades on the wired cycling computers with the latest breakthrough in GPS technology that tracks each and every moment accurately and precisely. It is easy to install and offers a seamless user experience.

    XOSS Dual-mode sensor introduction:

    The product supports Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ protocol at the same time, can be used as a speed sensor or cadence sensor, used in cycling APP and GPS stopwatch, and switch between the two modes by reinstalling the battery. After the battery is installed, the red light flashes to indicate speed mode, and the blue light flashes to indicate cadence mode. (Red and blue working mode light indicators can only be seen when the battery switch mode is installed)

    Device connection instructions
    The red light is flashing, and the speed mode Bluetooth is broadcasting
    The blue light is flashing, the cadence mode Bluetooth is broadcasting
    The red and blue lights flash alternately, the battery of the sensor is low

    IP67 Water resistant rated

    XOSS Heart Rate Monitor

    1. Long battery life
    2. ANT+ & Bluetooth 4.0 support
    3. Compatible with garmin , igpsport, ZWIFT , WAHOO , STRAVA and so on

    Quickly and clearly reflect the state of your body during exercise to avoid physical damage caused by excessive exercise.
    At the same time, knowing your heart rate can help you maintain your exercise intensity at an appropriate level and your fitness is better.

    How to wear ?
    Please note that the electrode area of the chest strap is moistened with water before wearing, so that the heart rate strap can obtain stable data.
    After each use, please use the chest strap with clean water and lay it flat to dry. After 7 times of use, wipe the strap with diluted soapy water and rinse with clean water. Do not put the chest strap in a washing machine or dryer, and do not use chemical cleaners to clean it. Chemical cleaners may cause the chest strap to age too quickly and shorten its service life.

    Package Included 1* heart rate sensor 1*CR2032 battery 1*Adjustable elastic strap

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