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Portable Bicycle Chain Cleaner Bike Brushes Scrubber Wash Tool Mountain Cycling Cleaning Kit Quick Washing Kits

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    -3D brush rotation, multi-angle cleaning
    -Clean chain is quick and easy
    -Saves cleaning liquid (diesel kerosene, etc. can be used after precipitation) it’s more environmentally friendly
    What’s inside (Set B):
    – 1pc * Bicycle Chain Cleaner
    – 1pc * Bicycle Scrubber
    – 1pc * Bicycle Brush
    – 2pcs* Rubber Gloves 
    Instructions way
    Step 1: Open the lid first, pour in diesel or gasoline, then put the chain in, close the lid and turn the chain until the chain is clean!
    Step 2: Drain the diesel oil, add a little detergent to the water, and wash the chain again. After washing, dry the chain with a dry cloth. This time, the chain is as clean as the necklace!
    Step 3: Don’t forget to be sure to put oil on the chain, otherwise the chain must have been rusted for a few days.

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    Kindly know, if you need chain brush and scrubber, please buy it together.


    How To Use:

    • Put the degreaser solution and water together on the chain and leave it alone for 5 minutes.

    • Load up the scrubber with a soap and water solution and run it for 10-30 revolutions. Change the soap fluid and do it again.

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