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Foldable full Face Diving Mask Detachable Dry Summer Snorkeling Diving Mask Swimming Training Scuba Anti-fog Under Water#4

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  • Description

    Foldable Anti Fog Fully Dry Diving
    Mask Swimming Full Face Mask Snorkeling Tool 


      MASK: covers the entire face without worrying about water leaks in; prevent
      any jaw or mouth strain from holding the snorkel

    • MIRROR
      COATING: 180° panoramic rainbow mirror coated window allows for optimal
      undistorted visibility and maximum field of vision

    • ANTI FOG:
      the screen is made of anti-fog & anti-UV PC (UV400); airflow is auto driven
      away thanks to the dual airflow ventilation system

    • DRY TOP:
      a ball at the top of the tube will automatically seal the air valve and stop
      water from getting in; simply by raising your chin to drain water

    • EASY TO
      USE: connect the snorkel tube to the mask and you’re ready for takeoff;
      headband is adjustable for creating a proper airtightness

    • Breath
      Like You’re Not Underwater

    • A mask
      with a full face design lets anyone breathe like they were still standing on
      the shore.

    • It keeps
      your mouth and nose open so you can breathe normally, while an air-flow
      system ensures the moist air you’re exhaling is quickly removed.

    • Breathing
      Tube with Dry Top Technology

    • Dimension
      :as shown

    • Color:Black,Pink,Blue

    • There is
      a ball at the top of the tube. The air valve on the spout will automatically
      close when you dive down and it becomes submerged then once you go back to
      the surface.

    • If any water
      gets in by accident, you can just keep your head above the water and raise
      your chin to drain out the water.


    • This
      product is designed for snorkeling purpose only. Do not scuba dive, deep
      dive, or swim intensively wearing this product.

    • Do not
      jump into the water from a platform/springboard wearing this mask.

    • Do not
      expose the mask to direct sunlight so as to protect the anti-fog coating.


    • 1 x
      Snorkel mask

    • 1 x
      Breathing tube

    • 1 x
      Carrying pouch

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