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Camouflage Bike Stickers Beautiful Light For Cycling Hunting Outdoor Self Adhesive Tape

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    Product Description

    Material: non-woven fabric natural latex
    Color: jungle camouflage, ACU camouflage, desert camouflage, bush camouflage, army camouflage

    Features: Self-adhesive type (similar to Velcro, it is not sticky when it is in direct contact with other flat objects, only when it is wound with each other, there are thin glue threads, plus its own elastic contraction, it is very firm after winding), Only suitable for winding cylindrical objects.

    There is no residue at all, and there is no need to worry about glue retention. It has a light fragrance. It can be used repeatedly and feels good.

    Note: This model is weak glue, and the surface feels no glue. It can only be sticky when you are entangled with yourself. It can be reused. It is suitable for wrapping columnar items. If you cut a little to stick things, It’s not sticky.

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