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2-6 Years Old Kids Bike with Training Wheels Magnesium Alloy Lightweight Cycling Bike for Children 14 16 inch Girl Boy Bicycle

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  • Description

    Product information:

    name: Montasen kids’ bike
    material of the bicycle: magnesium alloy
    tyre configuration: thicken pneumatized rubber whee
    color: pink; green; yellow; white

    5 advantages

    5 advantages
    10000 times vibration test
    Environmentally- friendly paint
    Integrated Proprietary design

    Say goodbye to the disadvantages of traditional bicycles

    environmentally- friendly material; integrated design; smooth; durable and not easy to get rusty
    Common style is about 2-3 kg heavier
    Iron is easy to get rusty
    Unstable and abnormal sound

    Various colors for you to choose

    simple colors are more suitable for children

    Magnesium alloy bicycle is enough

    1. integrated design
    2. lightweight
    3. safer and more durable

    Product configuration:

    -Breathable handlebar
    -Comfortable V-KET
    -Short distance brake handlebar
    -Comfortable soft saddle
    -Integrated Magnesium alloy frame
    -Convenient saddle quick release
    -Front wheel brake
    -Rear wheel brake
    -Inflatable rubber wheel
    -Magnesium alloy front fork
    -Detachable auxiliary wheel
    -Seven star spokes wheel
    -Anti- slip pedal
    -Sealed thread
    -Qixing spokes wheel

    Magnesium alloy is light; About 7.7kg/16.9lb

    Durable, firm and not easy to get rusty; lightweight

    Safer and durable 100000 times of vibration test

    Not all children’s bicycles can pass the test of vibration measurement

    Environmentally -friendly paint

    Frame shows in the 2019 international bicycle display

    Well-designed; beautiful design

    well-designed; beautiful design

    Product information:

    name: Montasen kids’ bike
    color: pink; green; yellow; white
    material of the bicycle: magnesium alloy
    tyre configuration: thicken pneumatized rubber wheel
    Tips: Size 16inch 14inch
    net weight 8.4 kg 7.7 kg
    crotch height 50-60 cm 45-55 cm
    suitable height 105-140 cm 90-120 cm
    suitable age 4-8 years old 3-7 years old

    Size reference

    1. Four year-old or 110 cm height kid can choose 14 inches or 16 inches. 14 inches is just suitable (remove the auxiliary wheel). If you want to use it longer, you can choose 16 inches.
    2. Seven year-old or over 130cm height kid can choose 18 inches bike.
    Method to Measure the Leg
    Please let your kid stand straight, back against the wall. Then put a book between two legs just like this picture as if he sit on the saddle. Finally measure the distance between the top of the book and the floor.

    Magnesium alloy design VS. common material frame

    Magnesium alloy
    Common material

    High strength bearing

    People in 80 kg weight can seat in the saddle of this bike

    Cost comparison of cost comparison_ magnesium, aluminum and steel

    Most bicycles are made of magnesium, aluminum and steel. the cost conferences are as follows:Magnesium alloy raw material
    average price: 17850 yuan/ ton
    Aluminium alloy raw material
    average price: 14180 yuan/ ton
    Steel raw material
    average price: 4000 yuan/ ton

    Magnesium alloy

    magnesium alloy integrated frame: just about 1.2 kg; ensuring stability and power equality

    Simple and elegant design

    Practical and comfortable experience

    Beautiful inside applique

    smooth; high quality; not easy to fall off
    not easy to fall off
    environmentally- friendly
    comfortable material

    Widen damping rubber wheel

    mountain road
    damping; anti- slip; comfortable; convenient

    Embedded- type stitching

    Adjustable saddle

    Suitable for kids’ height

    More details:

    1. Breathable and waterproof saddle

    High quality cotton saddle;
    wearproof; reduce the friction

    2. Qimangxing spokes wheel

    use the aerodynamics; 28 pieces spokes; firmer

    3. Chain guard

    keep the safety

    4.Handlebar; more comfortable

    better cycling

    5. Anti- slip pedal

    right foot sign: clockwise rotation;
    left foot sign: anticlockwise rotation

    6.Balance training wheel

    The distance apart from the ground is <25mm; no noisey

    Recirclulating ball style bering

    More smooth and easy to maintain

    Wheel base: 45 cm

    improve balance

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