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104BCD Chainring MTB 36 38 40T Bike Narrow Wide Plate Parts Mountain Bike Bicycle Round Chainring Ring Tooth Chain

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    Advantages of products: the design of positive and negative teeth can prevent the chain from falling off, which is suitable for the modification of AM/XC models, and can reduce the weight by about 1KG! (the front dial+left finger dial+middle disc+large disc+partial line pipe, etc.).

    Standard 104 mm BCD: Four holes form a square, and the distance between the centers of two holes is 104 mm.

    104BCD  tray: ximano M370, M410, M610, M670, M780 jiankun IXF crank, some haomeng tray, etc.

    There is no need to install a chain guide, and there is no need to worry about chain dropping; It is suitable for XC-AM model refitting single panel.

    Effectively protect the frame against scratches and the surface is easy to clean. Glue is not easy to remain after being torn off.

    The 32T common bcd 104 crank can be equipped with small teeth (except the 30-tooth structure of Fu Luye), which is suitable for XC off-road (without expansion plate) or AM FR DH heavy-duty vehicles with steep slope.

    The number of teeth commonly used in 34T (taking 26-inch wheel set as an example) is more suitable for xc off-road, with sufficient climbing force, plus

    Quick, quick.

    36T is suitable for riders who cruise about 30 yards on a flat road, xc players with good physical fitness, or players who want to cross country with the expansion plate, but Shanma also wants to hurry.

    38T is more inclined to Shanma players, cruise 32+ or match with expansion plate.

    Players of 40T and above are more extreme than those of 38T.


    Brand: SNAIL/ snail

    Material: aluminum alloy

    Name: single disk with positive and negative teeth

    Color: black/red/blue/gold/purple

    Thickness: 4MM

    BCD: 104MM

    Technology: full CNC machining technology

    Weight: 32T circle /34T circle /36T circle /38T circle / 40T circle: 41/52/55/70/75g

    Package Included:

    1* dental tray

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